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Tips for Excellent Email Marketing in 2016


Bring messages directly into the inbox of the customer is the pleasing challenge in Email Marketing. After reaching the mails into the inbox, they must get opened by the respective subscribers. The success of email marketing depends mainly up on these two factors. To get this done properly during the new year tenure, it is better study the difficulties faced by the marketers in 2015 and design measures to overcome the same. A knowledge regarding the same will help you to introduce new tactics or follow new technologies to carry out Email Marketing campaigns successfully. Here are some tips to carry out Email Marketing effectively in 2016.


You must have a clear knowledge about the specific goals to be achieved during the new year. For this, you just make an analysis about things you could not achieve in 2015, and what you want to accomplish in 2016. You can plan a big marketing objective which has to be finished by the year end. To make the task comfortable, you can differentiate the whole project and make plans to be carried out either during quarterly or monthly. Design and plan them in such a way to make the tasks simple and specific, enabling you to concentrate and perform properly.


Referring customers mouth to mouth is one of the most powerful source as far as Email Marketing campaigns are concerned. You need not be reluctant to contact customers you had been referred by your friends in this manner. There are high possibilities to have conversion and sales from such networks of referred customers. Success behind referring customers is trust. Studies have shown that people always trust opinion of familiar people over generic promotions, and sales are carefully carried out only after knowing about your recognized brands.


Make your potential website visible to all online and pave way to get you contacted by customers. This will help customers know about your Email Marketing business and its special features. Sometimes, proper visibility of your website may be the answer to a constant problem facing by you in your business. By taking proper steps to improve visibility of your website on Google, you can make it easy for people to find you out and for you to find out clients. You can increase visibility of the same by making it available in Mobile devices too. Thus, website visibility will help you a lot in improving your services related to Email Marketing campaigns .

Mobile Friendly

Nowadays, people are relying more and more on their mobile devices to consume and find information, as they are very handy and comfortable in nature. It is time for you to give serious consideration for making your digital communications absolutely mobile friendly. Make sure that your emails are properly optimized and capable to work on any mobile devices. It will help your customers to click open your messages irrespective of their locations or time.

Grow your list

Grow your email list as far as possible by considering it as a lofty goal. 90 percent of consumers prefer to receive promotional emails from the companies they do business with. If you have an almost decayed older list, then create an engaging opt-in message and send it to the members of your old list, for encouraging your contacts. You can declare a contact removal offer, if they do not respond to the message. This tactic will mostly tempt them to react and help you to grow your Emailing list substantially.

Email Automation

Email automation will help you to set up a multi-channel Email campaign as it can be triggered out automatically as a response action to the members subscription. The advantage of carrying out Email marketing after being embedded with marketing automation tool is very high than simply emailing with the support of an email service provider. The difference lies in how you can send the emails and the strategy of the emails being sent. To know the basic foundations of email strategy with respect to marketing automation is critical. So, you are advised to accomplish marketing automation only after crafting basics for a successful Email Marketing campaign.

Sales nurturing Emails

People like to do business which they know and trust well. So your Email should be able to provide proper awareness to people about your business or products. This will help them to take a decision regarding their deal with your business. Sales nurturing Emails is a shortcut to reveal that you are an expert in your business and generate confidence among subscribers. By furnishing features and benefits of the products they are interested, you can bring out conversions first and then sales at last.

Social Media Support

It is absolutely impossible to neglect the importance of Social Media sites in Email Marketing campaigns. Facebook, Twitter, Linkdin etc have become essential tools in Marketing because of its size and reachability. Since there are vast number of subscribers with these sites, it is important and essential for you to get the support of Social Media for your Email Marketing efforts. By using good visuals with your Email campaigns you can harvest a lot from the social media channels.


If you are looking for a successful email campaign in 2016, you have to consider the aforesaid tips properly. As it is the leading marketing program for delivering larger visibility, progress and profits to your business, you can expect a lot from your clients also for developing new email marketing strategies, increase in lead nurturing and more. These online marketing tools are very essential for your firm to gain new clients and reach new heights.



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