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Tips for Email Conversion Rate Optimization


To achieve success in the digital marketing arena, nowadays, we have to give greater importance to email marketing. It has been proven to strengthen customer bases, bring forth leads and build long-term brand loyalty. However, people who buy products marketed through email are more, when compared to the people who have not received any email offers. But an email marketing campaign cannot be worthy, if it fails to achieve effective click-through rates as well as conversion rates. By optimizing or enhancing your Email conversion rate you can bring more people to involve in the process without spending money for generating more visits to your landing page or website. Every action that takes by a user on your site has an influence on both macro and micro conversions, either by liking a Facebook page or downloading an App or signing up for a newsletter. These conversions bring both customers and prospects more closely to your brand and take them through the sales funnel. Typically, when people have talks about conversions, they generally like to talk about sales. Nevertheless, it is essential for brands to think about conversions, because there may be occasions for any user to get successfully convinced and take action with your brand at any time. By improving and optimizing those actions you can generate an incremental and improved impact on revenue.
Here are some tips that help you to optimize the Email conversion rate


Arrange Landing pages

Landing pages are found to be the most critical element in creating any type of email traffic. The problem free flow from the email to the landing page is critical, both for the emailing prospects of an acquisition campaign, and emailing to your best customers with product offers. You have to use compelling the marketing message and make visitors feel that they are in the right place after clicking through. Moreover, such a page must be able to provide subscribers all the information required by them and direct the visitors quickly to the checkout process with only minimum clicks.


Be Personal

You must be personal in all respects while sending Emails to your subscribers. Majority of people do not enjoy reading long emails containing full of corporate information. Even if they try to open your message, they may not like to go through it if it appears as if it is impersonal. One convenient way to avoid this is to make them feel that the Emails are directly from your end or from your company. It will be more beneficial if you can address the Email message by referring the name of the subscriber. In this manner, you can make the Email absolutely personal. Such Emails will surely support to enhance your conversion rates.


Automated Campaigns

A drip campaign can automatically send group of emails at required intervals, after the users shown interest to involve with your site. This will be extremely helpful in staying on top of mind in just the right moments. Many of these drip campaigns can bring back a lead and tempt them to make another purchase or sign up for a service by convincing them properly. Such campaigns can be carried out, days or months after their first interaction on your site. By Email automation system, you can schedule your emails ahead of time and implement some others as more personal with higher converting strategies.


Call to Action

To improve conversion rates you can include different types of calls to action in your Email messages. This can be achieved by asking readers to click a link to a converting landing page, or you can make them reply to your email. It will be good, if you clearly mention which action is to be carried out. To make this possible you can either create a button or an attractive image which can display a clear path for the action to be carried out by your readers. You can also include some encouraging content in the body of the text. But, this has to be done in such a way to keep the content stands out.



It has been found that, nowadays, about 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices. From this we can understand that many business ventures are in a set out change the ways by which they receive and send Email campaigns. So, If your email marketing campaign is not optimized for mobile, you will be missing out a huge opportunity to reach consumers. By making your email campaigns mobile friendly, you can attract customers who like to open incoming emails on mobile devices. Most probably, this will help you to catch larger market followed by more clicks.



If you have worked on email marketing and experienced no results, then it is worth trying the same with a different strategy. You can also try Email marketing campaigns with the aforementioned tips and see how they can help you in improving your conversion rates. If required, you can take your own time to ensure that your email program is as efficient and effective one. But you must be confident that you can generate adequate ROI from the strategies being followed by you. However, in all your efforts to improve conversion rates, you must mainly concentrate to convert visitors into buyers.



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